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Equine Herbal Supplement

A breakthrough in equine health and wellness. 
Safe and simple.
Innovative equine health enhancing supplement developed by Endocrine Technologies, Inc
All natural blend of herbal extracts, minerals and amino acid supplements to promote and support equine health and quality of life.
Administered orally for only 10 days!

All Natural



Amino Acids

Boosts Immunity

Promotes Equine Health

Overcome EPM


Yogi was treated by Sefacon!
Sefacon Yogi 2


Nutrient dense SEFACON™ helps sluggish and ailing horses to regain energy and alertness. SEFACON™ may promote restoration of tissue development and increase muscle mass to support weak joints. SEFACON™ can also be employed to ward off any symptoms associated with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). With more than 50% of horses being exposed to the causative parasite of EPM through diet exposure (AAEP, 2021), SEFACON™ will strengthen treatment of resulting clinical malaties. SEFACON™ has been used in the treatment  and fortification of nutrition in horses with exceptionally favorable results alongside the absence of notable side effects. 

Customer Testimonials

black horse silhouette 16
Rocky is back in the show circuit! He placed in his first outdoor show! We are very happy and thankful for the help in getting our horse back

Brenda F.

Cincinnati, OH
black horse silhouette 16
Isaac came home a different horse! He is now spunkier, has more energy and has better mobility. He has gained weight faster than ever. Thanks to SEFACON treatment!

Sandy Payne

Palmyra, IN
black horse silhouette 16
He has never been better! Since treating him with SEFACON he is great now, strong and healthy. Great improvement in a short time, he is back showing and has made a complete recovery

Elaine Scott

Versailles, KY
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