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Endocrine Technologies founded in 1996 in San Fracisco Bay area as a Biotechnology company aimed at providing innovative immunological products and services to major pharma companies, biotechnology industry and academic research institutions around the globe. For 27 years, the company has served  valuable bio-analytical solutions and reagents to:

·  CRO/CMD organizations
·  Veterinary labs and veterinary doctors
·  Pharmaceutical industry
·  Academic labs
·  Zoo animal parks

The company has established a major distribution, marketing, and sales network around the world.

Endocrine Technologies with several products like ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) products, CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immuno-assay), FIA (Florescence Immuno-assay), a variety of very specific antibodies and antibody pairs, antigens peptide and protein hormones provided an excellent scientific support and earned the name as reliable and dependable partner.

Endocrine Technologies continues to work to improve, innovate and develop new technologies, products and services that can help health care industry and improve health for animals and humans.

Endocrine Technologies
35325 Fircrest St. #A,
Newark, CA 94560
PH: (510) 745-0844
FX: (510) 745-0977

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